Put salt in your toilet. Here’s why. This is something plumbers will never tell you

When we encounter plumbing hiccups, it’s a reflex for many of us to immediately dial up a plumber. True, these experts are seasoned with know-how and skills, but there’s a little-known household tip they might not always pass along to us.That’s right, we’re talking about using simple table salt to keep your toilet running smoothly. In this piece, we’re going to dive into why this kitchen staple might just be your bathroom’s new best friend, and ponder why your local plumber keeps mum about it.Tackling Clogs: Salt’s coarse particles can work wonders on dissolving the usual culprits behind toilet clogs – excess toilet paper and waste. If your toilet often gets jammed, a regular salt treatment could be the preventative measure you need. Banishing Bad Smells: Got a stinky situation? Salt acts as a natural odor eliminator. It sponges up the moisture where bacteria thrive and neutralize the smelly molecules, giving you a fresher loo, even without top-notch ventilation. Scrubbing Away Mineral Stains: Those stubborn mineral rings in your toilet aren’t just eyesores, they’re tough to clean. Salt, when used as a scrub, can gently abrade and dissolve these pesky deposits, keeping your bowl sparkling. Economical and Eco-Friendly: With salt, you won’t need to splurge on harsh chemical cleaners. It’s a penny-pincher’s dream that doubles as a green solution, safeguarding our waterways from toxic runoff. Effortless Upkeep: No fancy tools or advanced skills

required here. Sprinkling salt into your toilet is as easy as seasoning a dish, and it makes for quick and convenient maintenance. Prevention is Better than Cure: Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Regular use of salt can help you sidestep those plumbing emergencies before they even happen, and help your toilet last longer without repairs or replacements. How to Deploy Salt in Your Toilet Maintenance Arsenal Here’s a simple guide to using salt in your toilet: Take a cup of salt and pour it directly into the toilet bowl.Let it sit and work its magic for a minimum of 15 minutes, or leave it overnight for a deeper cleanse.Grab a toilet brush and scrub the bowl, focusing on any spots with buildup.Flush away the salty solution, and with it, any loosened grime.Keep at it every few weeks to maintain a clog-free, fresh-smelling toilet.Why Your Plumber Isn’t Spilling the Salt Secret Ever curious why plumbers don’t usually tell you about the salt trick? Here’s why they might keep it under wraps: Job Security: Plumbers earn their bread and butter through repairs, so dishing out DIY fixes could potentially slim down their client calls. Serious Situations Need Pros: Salt won’t cut it for all plumbing problems. For the big, complicated jobs, a professional is non-negotiable. Responsibility Risks: Recommending at-home remedies comes with the risk of mishaps, something plumbers might not want on their conscience (or their liability insurance). So, the next time you reach for the phone to call a plumber, maybe try reaching for the salt shaker instead. It might just be the simple, savvy solution you need.

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