Cake Recipe Ready in Just 5 Minutes

Ingredients :

Indulge in the wonderful sensation of a cake that almost dissolves in your tongue! This coveted recipe is going to

satisfy everyone’s want for more. Following the instructions in this post will allow you to create a moist

and a light and airy angel food cake that will blow everyone away. In just five simple steps, you may savor delectable tastes

few moments!

Recipe Items

The following items are required to make this mouth-watering treat:

– Six eggs

150 grams of sugar

– vanilla sugar, 5 grams

Fifty grams of flour

Sour cream, 300 grams

-Sugar, 70 grams

An eighth of a teaspoon of lemon juice

flour, 70 grams

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sugar, powdered (80 grams)

a 20-centimeter cake pan

100 grams of prince cookies

(1) powdered coconut

– dark chocolate

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Getting cakes ready

Préparations :

1. Get the oven ready:

Bring the oven up to a temperature where cakes will bake properly. Remain true to cake baking protocol

protocols for precise temperature directions.

Step 2: Get the cake batter ready:

The first step is to separate the egg whites from the yolks.Combine the egg yolks and 150 grams of sugar in a mixing dish.

along with 5 grams of vanilla sugar, whisking constantly until a little froth forms. Along with 20 grammes of flour, gradually add to

Combine all ingredients and stir until combined.

Thirdly, whisk the egg whites:

Separately, whip the egg whites until they reach a stiff peak.

Fourth, combine the ingredients:

Make sure the mixture is light and delicate by gently folding in the beaten egg whites with the yolks.

Make sure the mixture is light and delicate by gently folding in the beaten egg whites with the yolks.

5, Preheat the oven to bake the cake:

Add the cake batter to a 20 cm cake pan that has been greased with butter. Set the skillet in the oven to warm.

placed in the oven and cooked until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean and the cake develops a golden brown color.

tidy up. Baking times and temperatures might vary, so be flexible. Be confident in your oven’s

guidelines.Filling and garnish made of cream

First, get the cream ready:

Get the cream filling ready while the cake bakes. Combine 1 teaspoon, 70 grams of sugar, and 300 grams of sour cream.

whisking in 70 grams of flour and 70 grams of lemon juice until combined and smooth.

Second, the Cake Layers:

After the cake has cooled, gently slice it lengthwise into half.Make a uniform layer of buttercream.

on top of the cake and in between its layers.

3. To tie it all together:

To enhance the cream’s texture and taste, garnish it with a sufficient quantity of coconut chips. Melt

Drizzle the white chocolate over the cake for a visually appealing garnish. Dust with powdered

garnish with sugar for an extra unique touch.

Delicious handmade angel food cake is ready for slicing, serving, and indulging in its wonderful tastes. Only five minutes from now, you

made a delectable dish that people can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for a tasty treat for a particular event or just because

you, the succulent texture and delicious flavor of this divine angel food cake will wow you.

Devour every delicious morsel!

Enjoy !


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