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In contemporary society, many rich women looking for poor men are high-profile ladies who have joined sugar momma dating sites. If you are looking for a sugar momma or would like to know more about cougar dating, you must (not should, I mean must) read this article carefully because it’s a Q&A session with two high-profile cougars (Nancy and Jo) who have kindly shared their honest answers to many handsome men’s burning questions. (In order to protect their privacy, their real names aren’t disclosed here. )
Q1: Why did you join a cougar dating sites?
Nancy: I joined a sugar momma dating website since I have enough funds to enjoy life for the remainder of my life. As a new woman using a significant sum of wealth, my beliefs are very different coming from most people’s values. When this is challenging to know, just look at MacKenzie Bezos – When the woman divorce is finalized, she could become the richest female on earth with a web worth of $67 billion dollars – how many lives does she need to be able to have so as to spend of which amount of money? Naturally , her value system has to be very different from many people’s value system. Any time holiday providers wondering whether they will should buy a set of 300-dollar shoes, I’m wondering just how the hell I need to spend my money inside the most luxurious approach when I still could.
Jo: I was hitched into a billionaire. My ex-husband offered me half of his / her shit once we got a new divorce, so now Excellent lot of money to be able to spend. Even if I actually live a high lifestyle every single day, I won’t become able to spend all my money when I’m 100 years old. So, why not sign up for a cougar dating web site and meet the most popular young man alive? I am an intelligent woman, yet rich men don’t such as me. Look at Elon Musk – his 1st ex-wife was a writer plus he didn’t like the girl intelligence, so they obtained a divorce and Elon Musk married a younger actress. Then after their second divorce, he has been dating another pretty celebrity and then a attractive musician. Donald Trump will be also a billionaire plus his wife was the super model. Remember: Billionaires like hot women, not really smart women.
Q2: Exactly what are the differences among dating rich men and online dating poor men?
Nancy: We used to date wealthy men only. In truth, all of my ex-boyfriends are very rich. Online dating wealthy men has certainly expanded my outlook. The current hobby (reading) will be something that I discovered from my ex-lovers due to the fact every successful man that will I’ve dated is a good avid reader. Now We read three forms of publications:
1) books about how exactly in order to stay rich, e. gary the gadget guy. investing;
2) books regarding mastery, e. g. conversation skills and human conduct;
3) books about exactly how to look after myself, e. gary the gadget guy. personal styling and nourishment.
In comparison, dating poor males is an extremely different experience. Due to the fact I only date bad men who are younger and extremely handsome, these people are my toy males. Now I live the love life on the terms
Jo: I did not enjoy dating rich males, probably because my ex-husband was a billionaire that didn’t treat me perfectly when we were wedded. But anyway, he gave me personally half of his prosperity, so perhaps he is not that bad. Maybe this individual only knows how in order to treat his woman nicely following a divorce! Dating bad men is different. We teach poor men numerous things, e. g. exactly how to find rich customers, how you can meet the wealthy for friendships, how in order to entertain the rich, exactly how to socialize with the particular rich, and so upon. Therefore, my male sugars babies appreciate their plans with me. Also, once i go out with the currenttoy boy, he actually makes me look great because I’m 50 plus he is only twenty two.
Q3: Would you such as to marry a plaything boy?
Nancy: Well, in case my toy boy desires to have a child, after that probably he wouldn’t marry me because I’m currently 51 years old. We understand that younger males want children, and so i feel not planning on marrying any of my men sugar babies.
Jo: Sure, I’m very happy to be able to marry my toy young man. I’m only 50 yrs young and menopause have not happened yet, so Now i’m pretty sure that I actually can get pregnant in addition to give birth to a new healthy baby. Since I actually use coconut oil to be able to rub my sexy tummy every day so as to stop stretch marks that may possibly happen during pregnancy this specific year or the coming year, I actually have the confidence to state that my current men sugar baby and I actually are incredibly likely to acquire married and have a kid. Let’s say we acquire married in 2019 in addition to our child will end up being born in 2020. Any time the child turns twenty years old, I will end up being 71 and my gadget boy will probably be 42. Really does that make me appearance like a grandmother?
Q4: Since you are much older as compared to your male sugar children, are you sexually appropriate with your toy kids?
Nancy: Oh, totally appropriate! I’m 51 and I actually am dating two men sugar babies at typically the same time. One regarding them is 20; typically the other is 21. Now i’m just as horny since both of them. Thus sometimes I recently invite the two of them over in addition to have a very threesome together. They will don’t mind because I actually give them allowance on a regular basis. It works very properly for individuals because when typically the 20-year-old toy boy is usually massaging my breasts together with his full attention, the particular 21-year-old toy boy may focus on penetrating the honey pot truly, madly, deeply. Basically, they get turns to fk me personally during the threesome program. And I get all the affection, attention and really like like a queen.

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