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Untangling the Quantum Entanglement

The normal gulf between science and metaphysics is present process a dramatic metamorphosis as the invention of a ‘quantum entanglement’ between particles beforehand recognised as being miles aside, is additional revealed.

In an experiment noticed by scientists, when one in all these particles spins round, its sister particle – though a great distance off – additionally spins round. Responding as if by no means separated.

“Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon that happens when a duet of particles are generated, work together, or share spatial proximity in such a means that the quantum state of every particle of the group can’t be described independently of the state of the others, together with when the particles are separated by a big distance.” (Wikipedia)

The existence of such entanglement is each compelling and understandable, and I need to have a go at explaining why.

Let’s begin by recognising that the Universe is ‘One’, all parts interconnecting with one another through invisible, energetic pulsating wavelengths.

The separation of particles which have beforehand been a part of one mass, is simply ‘separation’ on the traditional bodily aircraft, however not on the quantum aircraft.

Simply because they not bodily join with one another, doesn’t imply they’re separated on the quantum stage. They aren’t. They continue to be unified.

That is what in religious terminology is supposed by ‘oneness’. This ‘oneness’ is vibrational. Such a state is skilled when one is attuned to essence: that which resonates ‘is-ness’ when undisturbed by exterior or inside psychological intrusion. On this state there isn’t a time, distance or resistance (gravity). No separation.

Though the velocity of passage of a thought or energetic psychic exertion is usually mentioned inside this context, it isn’t strictly related; as a result of there’s a simultaneity of connection occurring at nicely over the velocity of sunshine. At this stage, the essence of the Universe is microscopically repeated in a dew drop and a sub atomic particle; all parts of existence remaining linked, subsequently at one with the unique manifestation. Mirrors of 1 originator, one supply.

Seen underneath a strong microscope, the minutest of sub atomic particles are at one second ‘specs’ and at one other ‘waves’ in line with Niels Bohr’s early quantum experiments. Even remodeling once more, into what Bohr described as a ‘dance’.

How these minute particles react relies upon equally upon the attitude and affect of the particular person engaged with them (the viewer) as with their unbiased existence as cosmic matter. They’re concurrently each mundane 3D and Common God sparks.

Plainly as soon as ‘collectively’ means all the time collectively in common actuality. The bodily separation issue performs no half in altering this oneness.

On the most elemental ranges, vitality and matter are inseparable. Matter is congealed vitality and takes on rising ranges of density in line with its vibratory velocity of resonance. The decrease the velocity the denser matter turns into and the extra constricted turns into the motion of pure vitality.

The Universe is each matter and ether. Particles or energetic expressions travelling exterior of the constrictions of gravitational fields usually are not topic to resistance – being slowed down. Thus ‘God Velocity’ is a strong blessing for anybody wished it!

Classical science can solely describe however not ‘expertise’, intuitional greater consciousness which equates with ‘God Velocity’. Intuitional consciousness locations the experiencer inside, not exterior the quantum of existence.

Science seems in from ‘the surface’ however can, by mental effort and focussed focus, recognise a number of the element elements that make up the workings of cosmic consciousness, of Godliness; however falls wanting ‘being’ (experiencing) what it describes.

Thus ‘quantum entanglement’ is just not so mysterious. Nevertheless, exploring it requires dynamic equilibrium between the 2 hemispheres of the mind, which accordingly reveals this entanglement to be a manifestation of the supreme interconnectivity of God consciousness.

It’s the unseen glue, that together with stars, planets and different celestial objects, holds the Universe collectively. God consciousness resides within the coronary heart and is overtly accessible to all human beings. Nevertheless, it sleeps inside till woke up.

Big efforts are being made to stop humanity waking up and realising its energy. Such is the paradoxical nature of existence that the battle to beat the darkish suppressors of human evolution – each inside and exterior – creates the friction essential to deliver concerning the self-realisation of our deep religious powers that may in any other case stay dormant.

It additionally equips us with the ability to defeat the darkish imposters and set a brand new agenda for the way forward for life on earth.

Effort is required – nothing constructive comes with out effort. However the pleasure arising from a rising realisation of our quantum entanglement with our Creator far exceeds the restricted and transient pleasures accessible to us in an unrealised, largely third density (3D) state, divorced from acutely aware contact with the supply of our existence.

Embracing such ‘an entanglement’ will deliver a few metamorphosis in human consciousness and a unprecedented new period of life on earth and past.

An period by which no distinction could be made between God and Man.

Concerning the Writer

Julian Rose is an early pioneer and practitioner of UK natural farming; an entrepreneur and chief of tasks to create autonomous communities based mostly on native provide and demand; a trainer of holistic life approaches and the creator of 4 books – one in all which ‘Artistic Options to a World in Disaster’ lays-out detailed guide-lines for the transformation of society into caring communities constructed upon ecological and religious consciousness, justice and cooperation. See Julian’s web site for extra info www.julianrose.data

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