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Template for a Transformation of Human Society

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Occasions

There are various 1000’s of teams which have fashioned themselves round the necessity to stand towards the globalist assault on life on earth. There are 1000’s extra presenting various imaginative and prescient/ideas for a greater future. And there are a small quantity who’re doing each; declaring that one should decide to stopping the worst whereas concurrently nurturing into life a brand new template for human and ecological emancipation.

It’s the latter motion which I subscribe to, as a result of it strikes me that we now have no selection apart from to fight-off probably the most instant threats to our elementary life values; but equally haven’t any selection apart from to recognise the apparent shortcomings of the day after day lifestyle that constitutes the accepted norm of most submit industrial societies at this time.

Given this state of affairs, one finds oneself dedicated to taking a deeper look into each the causal components behind the degradation of human values and what’s going to type the important thing substances of a brand new society. That which emerges out of the darkness and leads the best way past repetitions of the divisive tendencies destroying humanity’s integrity.

Fairly not too long ago I got here throughout the time period ‘Reality Motion’ and found that it stands for a broadly linked physique of people all having an analogous purpose: the defeat of the globalists. This appeared to hark again to the time period ‘truthers’ as utilized to these prepared to show the 9/11 fraud.

What, I requested myself, would this ‘Reality Motion’ do if it have been to truly achieve fulfilling its ambition?

What would be sure that such a motion didn’t implode as soon as confronted by the accountability for constructing a future purged of the ‘rotten apple’ components that so typically bring-down in any other case promising actions and visions?

By ‘rotten apple’ issue, I imply the tendency for jealousy, extreme ego, lack of significance given to belief, energy complexes, political ambition and – I might add – the group psychology of demanding ‘consensus’ in determination making, thereby flattening particular person aspirations and ending-up with abdication to the bottom frequent denominator as the one approach ‘to maintain the peace’.

Inside socio-economic constructions which largely reject the notion of ‘management by the sensible’, a palpable void opens-up when necessary/controversial selections must be taken which require greater than a superficial 5 sense appraisal of the best way ahead.

When our Reality Motion is confronted by the necessity to determine the composition of ‘the brand new template for the brand new society’ it’s to usher into actuality, many various convictions are more likely to be put ahead.

For instance: an finish to racial discrimination; the frequent possession of land; the dissolution of the banking trade and widespread redistribution of wealth; no extra ‘authorities’; the rise of ‘rule by the folks’; free inexperienced power for all; natural meals and farming being adopted because the prime technique of meals manufacturing.

In order to convey the dilemma offered by this example to life in a ‘actual time’ approach, I’m going to color my envisioned image of how occasions would possibly unfold.

As concepts pour in, a committee is established to discover a pragmatic strategy to flip these beliefs into political actuality. A actuality which displays the broad banner heading ‘Reality Motion’, whose idealistic rhetoric has lastly garnered sufficient assist to beat the lengthy dominant globalist management system.

On this committee are the main proponents of the assorted beliefs deemed most important for laying the muse of the promised New Society.

Nonetheless, the daunting activity of turning this pool of particular person potential right into a unified physique of pragmatic ground-breakers,  results in the realisation that some critically necessary substances have been uncared for. Inside frictions begin to come to the floor inflicting fractures within the as soon as seeming unity.

Disagreements finally come to a head and in a extremely revealing and heated change, it emerges that the deeper significance of the phrase ‘fact’ has by no means been explored and even debated. By no means understood as primarily a non secular worth, an inside dedication to the evolution of upper values, not simply to outer modifications within the functioning of society.

  • In an try to stop the scenario deteriorating into chaos, a revered analyst is dropped at the desk to place just a few elementary inquiries to the committee leaders:

    How aligned are you in your private lives with what you name upon others to do so as to resolve the disaster in values you see round you?

    How truthful are you to yourselves and to others, should you don’t take into account it necessary to guide by instance – however however anticipate others to reside the modifications you declare should be brought-about?

    How dedicated are you to elevating your personal ranges of consciousness? To gaining the next stage of consciousness regarding your personal ambitions and shortcomings?

    Are you truly dedicated to ‘a path of fact’ in your personal lives? To following disciplines that quieten the ego and develop your relationship with the deeper non secular values which are, in observe, the one actual expression of fact?

    How decided are you to not be a hypocrite? To keep away from turning-out just like the very politicians you so readily condemn?

    As leaders of ‘the reality motion’ are you able to truthfully say that you’re dedicated to uphold the best requirements of accountability, integrity and belief in your dealings with others?

    What particular qualities are vital so as to lead your supporters correctly, truthfully and successfully?

    Confronted by this penetrating examination, the room turned surprisingly quiet.

    Being requested to deal with an inside dedication to fact, versus its comparatively floor oriented outer manifestation, has led to the necessity for a traumatic reappraisal of ‘the order of values’. And has referred to as for a brand new stage of consciousness to be put on the very prime of the agenda of what’s most important for the constructing of the brand new society.

    I inform this story in order to focus on the duty which stands in entrance of all of us, as ‘activists’ and campaigners for a greater world. For ought to the neo-liberal management system collapse and even be lastly defeated, we’ll discover ourselves on the forefront of a world scenario wherein the good majority are subjected to an uncharted sense of insecurity and lack of course.

    A lifetime of slavery to activity masters carries with it a form of insurance coverage coverage of not having to cope with – or be accountable to – the broader world or one’s personal inside quest for liberation.

    All of the sudden, or comparatively out of the blue, being positioned ready the place the expectation of the bulk is for these most vocal in exposing the flawed – to now step ahead and set up ‘the correct’- presents a formidable problem.

    On the centre of this problem is a burning query which we must always all be addressing now relatively than ready till the hour of want is thrust upon us.

    The query centres round a really elementary principle: is the choice making course of – important to establishing the brand new desired template – to be primarily based on ‘management by the sensible’ or by ‘group consensus’?

    By a ‘committee of the sensible and the great’ or by a continuation of ‘democratic consultant governance’ and quasi-consensus determination making?

    To place it a bit extra bluntly: a benign, sensible dictatorship or an elected frequent denominator type of governance which has no base in knowledge or imaginative and prescient and which could be very simply exploited by the ability hungry?

    Throughout the structure of the British Isles and lots of different nations, there exists one thing referred to as Pure Legislation/Frequent Legislation, which fits again a great distance.

    It states that there’s just one indomitable regulation and that’s the regulation of God. God’s regulation. A type of decree primarily based upon common fact and justice, based upon the supreme knowledge of our Creator.

    In a world overcome by rank injustice, the entire absence of fact, and no signal of knowledge, Frequent/Pure Legislation shines out as the sunshine on the finish of a really darkish tunnel.

    The emergence of an earthly regulation that displays common regulation can solely be introduced ahead by a committee of the sensible and true. Certainly, God’s legal guidelines might be described as emanating from ‘the Supreme Benign Dictator.’

    On the most simple stage, they’re mirrored within the legal guidelines of nature and the predilection for an ever increasing biodiversity of plant, animal and bug life.

    On the human stage, they symbolize the (age outdated) quest for fact, love and full emancipation of the soul of man. Even when people don’t consciously realize it,  that is what all are eager for – and now could be the time to go public about it.

    We now have handed the purpose of no return for ‘democracy’ or something resembling it, so we could select to name what’s going to actually open our minds and hearts: a ‘Veritocracy’.

    Veritocracy from ‘veritas’ the Latin for fact. ‘Method of Reality’.

    Going head to head with a cult regime primarily based on darkness and division, calls for a steadfast dedication to the other. Reality, because the unrestrained manifestation of the decision of our souls.

    That is the one power that may disintegrate the forces of darkness and disempower the globalist management system, as soon as and for all.

    It’s the one power that may unite all of humanity and supply the dynamic basis for true management and true trusteeship of the planet.

    Allow us to commit now. Allow us to be correctly ready to guide the world past ruination and into rebirth.

    In regards to the Writer

    Julian Rose is an early pioneer and practitioner of UK natural farming; an entrepreneur and chief of tasks to create self sustaining communities primarily based on native provide and demand; a instructor of holistic life approaches and the creator of 4 books – certainly one of which ‘Inventive Options to a World in Disaster’ lays-out detailed guide-lines for the transformation of society into caring communities constructed upon ecological and non secular consciousness, justice and cooperation. See Julian’s web site for extra info www.julianrose.data

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