Is Your Smokin Hot Girlfriend An Asset Or A Liability

Robert Kiyosaki famously said, An asset is something that puts money into your pocket, whereas a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. ” That’s true. For instance, if you have a home loan, your house is really your liability because this takes money out associated with your pocket every 30 days. Nevertheless, your house will be the bank’s asset due to the fact it brings money towards the bank each month. Likewise, we are able to apply this concept to dating and associations because we are the particular most open-minded dating weblog in the world. Right now you may ask your self, Is my hot sweetheart an asset or the liability? ”
Creating the win-win situation in your own love life is extremely important.
Has your life enhanced since you’ve met this particular hot woman? If your own sexy girlfriend is a good asset, then she should improve your life plus benefit you! That ought to be the most crucial part associated with your standards with regards to obtaining a hot girlfriend. As the utmost honest blog in the particular world, we don’t timid away from sensitive subjects such as mutual advantages in relationships and relationships. Actually we think it can very important to possess mutual benefits in online dating and relationships because presently there are three pillars within a relationship (emotional link, sex and mutual benefits) & we can’t disregard the importance of the particular third pillar, i. electronic. mutual benefits. When all of us analyse this pillar a lot more closely, we can observe that mutual benefits avoid exist if one celebration can’t benefit from the relationship first. In other words, you have to find benefits in it first, and then you can bring benefits to your hot girlfriend – only when your cup is full can you share resources with your hot woman. Therefore , now it’s time to look at whether your life has improved or not since you’ve met her: Now do you feel sexually satisfied? Does she look after you well? Do you feel more energetic at work? Have you made more money? Do you look better? Do you feel happier in general? Do you feel more healthy? If your answers to these questions are yes, that means your hot girlfriend is definitely an asset. Otherwise, she could be a liability.
Can an asset become a liability? As circumstances change, sometimes an asset can become a liability. For instance, at the initial stage of your relationship with a hot girlfriend, you feel better in every way. Yet as time goes by, you realise that she stops growing and learning in life, so there is a huge gap between you two. You have come to be a successful man, although she is a genuine loser. Then gradually an individual will have less in common with her. In the end, you will have nothing to talk about with her. That’s why both of you become resentful and will hate each other eventually. In that case, an asset has become a liability, which is very normal, because everything is subject to constant change in this world. Don’t forget that love also has a life and it can die! Breakup/divorce seems to be a taboo topic on most dating blogs because people don’t want to talk about negative things. But this is actually a very important topic in dating and relationships, as it’s just a natural part of life. So , it’s very healthy to recognise the significance of breakup/divorce and acknowledge that it’s just a normal part of love/marriage. Please note that breakup/divorce doesn’t necessarily mean failure. Actually, many divorces are very successful, meaning although those marriages didn’t continue, that doesn’t mean those partnerships must have failed : In fact, I consider those marriages can continue to be successful since they attained their goals and performed what they needed to be able to do. And then they will ended because of typically the necessity at a diverse stage is obviously.
Is a new liability always bad? Debts are not always negative. In life, there usually are good expenses and negative expenses. As an example, when an individual buy organic food, you happen to be investing in your well being, so what a good expenditure. However, when one buys cigarettes, an individual are doing damage to be able to your overall health; consequently, it’s a new bad expense. Likewise, any time your hot girlfriend is usually pregnant with your youngster and she needs even more of your time/attention/care, that is also a good responsibility because you are buying your future family. By contrast, when your hot girlfriend is validated by unnecessary attention, she is taking away too much of your time which could be used to do something more useful, then that’s definitely a bad liability. Hopefully this analogy makes sense and you find it helpful

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