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How We Have Been Tricked into Perceiving a False Actuality

Kingsley L. Dennis, Contributor
Waking Occasions

Allow us to start with a narrative …

Human life is a narrative. And but it isn’t one single story. It’s an open guide stuffed with wealthy, wonderful, highly effective, and typically harmful, tales. Humanity is kind of actually residing its personal 1001 Nights but throughout millennia. And similar to that guide of masterful storytelling, there have been unimaginable tales that crammed the minds, and hearts, of many hundreds of thousands of individuals all through the ages. We stay upon and inside a narrative every second of our lives. A few of these tales are better than others – extra epic, extra highly effective, and extra influential. Others are each day tales that fill our pockets and prepare our hours. But over and above our tales there has all the time been a grand narrative. It’s this grand, sweeping story that narrates, and influences, the overall path by which humanity strikes.  And this grand narrative is commonly so compelling, so stuffed with persuasive element, that we consider in it wholeheartedly. Like an incredible story informed to a baby earlier than bedtime, this story then turns into woven into that evening’s dream. Upon waking, the dream feels so actual that it lingers far lengthy into the day and till it’s replenished as soon as once more earlier than bedtime. And but typically, inside particular circumstances, the dream is so fascinating and convincing that it causes the dreamer by no means to awaken. The dreamer continues to dream the dream that they have been informed earlier than sleeping.

Human historical past is sort of a dream inside a dream – an inversion inside an phantasm. And as many dreamers know, there are ranges inside desires. Like a Russian Matryoshka doll, there are nesting layers of tales that each one mix to create an overarching narrative physique or realm. And many individuals, like good dreamers, discover themselves caught up inside one of many layers. And it may be virtually inconceivable to get out. Though we’re technically awake, we’re additionally dreaming. Why? As a result of we live by explicit tales and narratives which were sown, implanted, or entwined in our heads. They get into our unconscious and from that privileged place they start to affect our behaviour and considering from behind the scenes. Even once we assume we’re awake, we’re by no means free from these tales, narratives, and constructs that handle our perceptions and create the arc of our dreaming lives. To actually be awake, an individual would wish to know learn how to drop all these tales and step out of the assemble; that’s, to show ourselves the precise means up throughout the inversion. This will likely even have been achieved by a couple of individuals, but it has all the time been thought-about one thing odd, esoteric, or mystical to take action. As a result of to the dreamers, anybody who steps out of the dream should be some bizarre eccentric, should they not? Or that’s maybe simply how the primary story goes.

‘We’re dreaming the fallacious desires.” ~Anon

The mainstream story doesn’t like very a lot when dreamers – sorry, individuals – attempt to go away. Why would individuals wish to go away when the story is so compelling? Total, nevertheless, that is hardly ever an issue as so few individuals ever notice that it’s all a dream inside a dream, so the problem hardly comes up. So, we could get again to our story?

… Issues in life usually are not as they appear… Human life is lived as a normalization of this inverted actuality assemble. That’s the reason life is crammed with so many irregularities, oddities, and downright insanity. Everyone knows, or instinctively really feel, that one thing has gone astray.

We now consider in something as a result of nothing seemingly has any reality to it. We’ve turn into misplaced throughout the reflections of our personal mirror world. Seeing our reflections smile again at us, we’re content material with the distraction. All the things should be okay, we inform our reflections – the governments wouldn’t deceive us, would they? We’re protected by benevolent authoritative constructions that look after us like our moms. Oh expensive. Topsy-Turvey.

To allow you to in on slightly secret… it’s been like this for a very long time. Solely that till not too long ago, the waking dream of the Inversion was good at maintaining everybody asleep (besides the uncommon few) as a result of the trickle of consciousness throughout the actuality assemble was low. However one thing has been occurring – when you haven’t observed? There’s been cracks within the veil; and extra consciousness has been seeping by. And it’s been stepping into our heads, even when we hadn’t observed. Regularly, individuals have been gaining increasingly more consciousness over this factor they name the ‘human situation.’ There have been a couple of distinctive people inside every era that spoke about these items, and even wrote about them; however few individuals listened and fewer nonetheless learn any of their writings (as a result of that they had been saved illiterate). However nonetheless, the gradual seeping of consciousness into this actuality assemble continued. And the insights saved coming. Some individuals have been impressed; others gained revelations. However the numbers remained small. The Inversion continued to impose itself; to maintain the blinders on the dreamers while turning up the music. Higher distractions have been provided; a glittering array of leisure sprang up. And incentives got to these individuals who started to open simply one among their eyes. These few who suspected one thing have been noticed early on and fast-tracked up the hierarchy of the ‘individuals pyramid’ in order that they benefited most from the pleasures and positive factors of the Inversion. Then these larger ups would wish to spend money on maintaining the system precisely the way it was – a safety of self-interests. The lots of dreamers – the sleeping mob as they have been known as – remained swaying to the lullaby. However slowly, the frequency of the lullaby was being modified. A brand new vibration was being added. I believe you get the gist of the place that is going.

And it arrives to right here: the place you’re sitting proper now.

So – what are you going to do about it…?

Concerning the Writer

Kingsley L. Dennis is the creator of The Phoenix Technology: A New Period of Connection, Compassion, and Consciousnessand The Sacred Revival: Magic, Thoughts & That means in a Technological Age, accessible at Amazon. Go to him on the internet at http://www.kingsleydennis.com/.

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