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Exploring Publish-Human Consciousness and Consideration

Regardless of the variations within the position of gender in Ex Machina and Arrival, these movies share a theme that pervades a lot of latest science fiction, and which dates again to the myths of Prometheus and Icarus: transcending human intelligence. Many tales deal with this challenge by specializing in the exact second of the transition between human and ultra-human or transhuman intelligence. Many others predict the situations beneath which the transition will happen.

Within the film Arrival, there may be the instinct, manifest within the interactions between Dr. Banks and the aliens, that alien intelligence just isn’t actually synthetic. The aliens, in spite of everything, advanced within the universe one way or the other, similar to us, which makes them “pure.”

Wouldn’t it actually make any distinction if our squid-looking intergalactic neighbors turned out to be robots? In the event that they reply to our questions like all of us would, then we’re pressured to conclude that they might be clever, despite the fact that they appear and act very otherwise from us (Montemayor, 2021a). Assessing consciousness is a special query (Haladjian and Montemayor, 2016, Montemayor, 2021b).

The demise of human intelligence and its correlative transcendence is known as the “singularity,” a degree of no return, and it doesn’t matter if it’s within the arms of super-computers or super-aliens. So, the pondering goes, why not take preemptive measures about this transhumanist demotion? Or ought to we welcome it with open arms?

One other movie, Transcendence, combines these themes. Right here too a professor, Dr. Will Caster, is the primary character, however he’s no hero. He creates a singularity of his personal and is totally centered on himself. The good and initially well-intentioned professor, who’s the main world professional on AI, turns right into a villain and a sort of alien robotic monster in direction of the top of the movie. It seems that he’s additionally motivated by romantic love, however that is fully inconsequential. Dr. Caster is eager on not letting anybody get in his approach, and he’s decided to not merely transcend his personal intelligence but in addition vanquish your entire situational framework on which it relies upon: human society. For our functions, the precise particulars of the film aren’t essential. What issues is how Dr. Caster “transcends” himself by being uploaded by his spouse to a worldwide informational system.

Directly cyborg, matrix architect, and terminator, Dr. Caster merges with all kinds of on-line packages and progressively abandons his “wetware,” or biologically primarily based existence, in favor of a “cloudier” and information-based existence, with many potential—and in precept, limitless—{hardware} potentialities. He’s the singularity and himself on the identical time? How can this be?

Dr. Caster is perhaps a nightmarish paradox, however he’s additionally a transhumanist dream come true. Dr. Caster is extra Faustian than Goethe’s Dr. Faust, and he’s fairly actually in all places—a sort of panpsychistic egocentric fury. He’s a warning regarding transhumanism gone improper. However this isn’t as a result of there’s something essentially improper with transhumanism as such. Somewhat, the issue is that human intelligence has a number of dimensions of steerage and motivation, fairly regularly in opposition to at least one one other. Dr. Caster is advancing scientific analysis and enhancing present information at an surprising pace—a fairly laudable exercise. However he’s additionally a egocentric and immoral particular person, who believes his values are the most effective sources of ethical and political steerage.

Only some individuals on your entire planet are like Dr. Caster, who has entry and monetary assets to have transhumanist ambitions. We are able to grant that transhumanism is perhaps constructive as a result of it’s a treatment to anthropocentrism. The query is what dangers does it pose, even when it has constructive options?

Justifications of cognitive enhancement

The justifications for cognitive enhancement are just like these utilized in favor of bodily enhancement (see Extra and Vita-Extra, 2013). Here’s a definition of transhumanism by Max Extra: “Philosophies of life (equivalent to extropian views) that search the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of clever life past its at the moment human type and human limitations by the use of science and know-how, guided by life-promoting ideas and values.” (Extra, 1990)

Carlos Montemayor

Supply: Carlos Montemayor

Within the context of life perpetuation and enhancement, Ronald Bailey refers to a sort of “gene tyranny” to characterize the situation of dependence on our biology that the transhumanist venture guarantees to remove. In “A Letter to Mom Nature,” Extra (2013) makes use of comparable language. Parts of Amendments No. 1, 3, 4 and 5 state:

Intelligence Important Reads

  • We’ll now not tolerate the tyranny of getting old and loss of life. Via genetic alterations, mobile manipulations, artificial organs, and any essential means, we’ll endow ourselves with enduring vitality and take away our expiration date. (Modification 1)
  • We’ll enhance on our neural group and capability, increasing our working reminiscence, and enhancing our intelligence. (Modification 3)
  • We’ll complement the neocortex with a “metabrain.” This distributed community of sensors, info processors, and intelligence will enhance our diploma of self-awareness and permit us to modulate our feelings. (Modification 4)
  • We will now not be slaves to our genes. We’ll take cost of our genetic programming and obtain mastery over our organic, and neurological processes. (Modification 5; Extra and Vita-Extra, 450)

At first look, the social and political language within the context of evolution, biology, and cognitive neuroscience is contemporary and fascinating. What may be extra justified than resisting tyranny? However the expression “by any means essential” within the political realm entails resistance, if essential violence, in opposition to oppressive and unjustified oppression. What may violent resistance imply within the context of the evolution of our and different species? Is the analogy between social oppression and nature apt? In what sense is Mom Nature a tyrant? And in what sense is Dr. Caster a hero?

Dr. Caster will now not tolerate the tyranny of getting old and loss of life by being pervasively “nanoparticle-present” in the setting, in addition to informationally world, with entry to every kind of databases. Not a “slave” of his genes, Dr. Caster is the grasp of his biology and neurological processes. Mom Nature is now not the tyrant—in reality, she is now not “mom” in an absolute sense as a result of now Dr. Caster is not less than partly “father.” Mom Nature is now in battle, or not less than so it appears primarily based on the Letter and its Amendments, with “Father” Dr. Caster. So has he develop into absolutely synthetic in advantage of this battle?

Implications of transcendence

If we one way or the other transcend the boundaries of human intelligence through the use of human intelligence to create the “transhuman,” what implications are there for the expertise of being human? Are we transcending that have as effectively? Whereas the examples described give eventualities of such extravagant transcendence, the subjective experiences of those new people are incomprehensible. That doesn’t imply they exist as a type of true consciousness (perhaps they merely flip into info as soon as they abandon organic nature by transcending it). Or do they?

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