Can you Date This Pretty Female

Lately we conducted a mini-experiment. We ask several males to provide us along with their honest opinions regarding whether they will day the following pretty ladies based on their appears. And their honest answers are usually very interesting. Hopefully you will get some insights through the results of this mini-experiment.
#1 Elegant lady inside green
Steven: She will remind of Paul’s mom inside Pendulum, an old video starring George Peppard, thus I won’t date the woman, even though she is usually a good-looking woman. ”
Scott: Her energy tends to make me want to retain her being a mistress. The lady doesn’t appear to be wife substance. ”
Mike: I may bang her and is just not date her. ”
#2 Asian woman by having an perspective
Steven: Maybe the girl with merely another Chinese woman who would like expensive gifts. I’m not just a fan of consumerism since I can’t afford to be able to buy girls luxury offers. ”
Scott: I just like her body, but I actually don’t like her deal with. Sorry for being thus blunt. ”
Mike: I actually often date Asian women as they are shorter. How high is Asian girl? Possibly she actually is taller than me personally. Since I’m only 160cm, I probably shouldn’t day her. I always really feel insecure once i go away with a woman that is taller than me personally. ”
#3 Ukrainian lady with beauty and youngsters
Steven: Oh, this Ukrainian girl is hot. I’m already turned on by her melancholy look and now I can feel my boner. ”
Scott: I will definitely date her. But I won’t marry her. I think my future wife should look happier. In the future, my kids deserve a more positive mother. So, I guess this Ukrainian stunner is just a placeholder – I can keep her around until the actual game changer rocks up in my life. ”
Mike: I love women wearing shorts and this woman from Ukraine has got the right legs to attract me. Yes, I will date her for sure! ”
#4 Blonde with long legs
Steven: She looks all right. I’m satisfied with the size of her boobs. ”
Scott: I hate her choker. I won’t date her. I prefer women with better taste and class. A woman wearing a choker only reminds me of a dog. Sorry about that. ”
Mike: Just pump and dump. I don’t think I’ll really date her. This woman doesn’t even wear pants when she goes away, and so i can’t trust the girl and won’t be along with her in the lengthy term. ”
#5 Golden-haired in white pants
Steven: She has an extremely good looking face that I’m not really interested in. I such as feminine women. ”
Jeff: It would appear that she will become too argumentative and hard if I date the girl. ”
Mike: Wow. The girl looks hot. But apologies, I definitely won’t day this hot woman due to the fact I prefer women that can smile and create me happy, after which We will make them delighted. Dating shouldn’t be the one-way street, right? Therefore, I guess I am going to remain away from an upset woman like that due to the fact I you do not have time or energy to waste. ”
#6 Black woman in white lace
Steven: She looks perfect. I will definitely sleep with her. I like chocolate, especially dark chocolate – the texture that melts in my mouth slowly and gradually! And I want to melt inside her while enjoying the moisture, pressure and temperature. ”
Scott: Sorry, I’m not attracted to Black women. I don’t think I’m a racist because attraction is not a choice. I can’t choose who I feel sexually attracted to because this is all determined by biology and environment. ”
Mike: This picture makes me want to rub her tits already. I reckon I’ll masturbate tonight in front of this photo. ”
#7 Mature woman (tall and thin)
Steven: Yes, I’ll definitely do her. I like her outfit. I hope my future girlfriend or wife can put on something like that in your own home every single day! That will costume is ideal in the particular bedroom, kitchen, living space and balcony! I really like it! ”
Scott: We like women with firm tresses, especially women who contact their hair. That motion is a turn-on! ”
Paul: I don’t know elaborate happening with her knees plus legs. Maybe she should not wear high heel pumps? Anyway, I am attracted to hot ladies wearing high heels because I’m a huge fan of women’s shoes. I used to lick my ex-girlfriend’s high heels every day and felt really good. ”
#8 Asian lady in a pink dress
Steven: This Asian beauty is stunning. I want to marry her. She has the perfect face, a sexy body and very alluring posture. That’s the right package for me. ”
Scott: I didn’t know Vietnamese women can look so hot. But anyway, I’m convinced – I should date more Asian beauties from now on. ”
Mike: Her face looks just as beautiful as the flowers in her basket. What a gorgeous girl from Asia. Yes, I will surely date her. ”
#9 Russian woman(blonde and tall)
Steven: Wow. I’m so impressed together with Russian ladies This European beauty is definitely a new stunner i will time. What’s her phone amount? ”
Scott: She seems a bit old. I actually don’t mind if the girl with under 35 years older though. But if the lady is over 35, I actually probably won’t date the woman. Sorry for my straight-forward response. ”
Mike: I really like Russian beauties with a new lots of hair. She won’t apparently have much curly hair, therefore i won’t date the woman. Also, I prefer young women. I can stand females who are more aged than myself because I want to be able to feel as if a real person who can protect our woman. If the girl with more mature than me, perhaps the girl with worldlier than me, and this intimidates me. ”
#10 Asian girl in red
Steven: Her boobs are too small. I don’t know why, but many Asian women look like 13-year-old boys. ”
Scott: I like her fish-net stockings, so I will have sex with her, but I won’t date her. ”
Mike: She looks perfect. I don’t like women with big boobs, so I will certainly date her and will probably marry her if her personality is right. ”

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