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A Guidelines For Autistic Individuals

Sensory Icks: The Tags, the Seams, the Itch—And The whole lot in Between

Have you ever ever had a clothes tag itch on the again of your neck? Me too. For a lot of neurodivergent individuals, a tag can really feel like a cactus or sandpaper rubbing towards their pores and skin. Whereas different objects can set off an analogous sensation, tags are the last word “sensory icks” issue for me. I can’t consider that most individuals aren’t irritated by tags! It’s estimated that as much as 90% of autistic individuals have sensory processing dysfunction, so it isn’t stunning that so many various (and sometimes “trivial”) issues could make us really feel uncomfortable, aggravated and even overwhelmed.

Similar to the notorious clothes tags, there are lots of “sensory icks” that neurodivergent individuals expertise commonly. Right here is my model of a whole guidelines, categorised by the totally different senses.


  1. Shiny white lights
    These putting lights typically seem in workplace buildings, hospitals and colleges. For a lot of autistic and neurodivergent individuals, these lights can set off sensory overwhelm and headache episodes. Every time I’m going to the workplace, I go away with a headache, primarily as a result of the intense lights can set off a painful response.
  2. Direct daylight 
    Even within the winter, I’ll all the time go away the home with sun shades. Strolling exterior in direct daylight with out defending my eyes can develop into overwhelming.
  3. Shiny Screens at midnight
    Any vibrant gentle from computer systems, screens, and laptops within the darkness can result in sensory overwhelm because the gentle will not be balanced with the remainder of the room, and may pressure your eyes.
  4. Flashing photos 
    Though it’s properly documented that flashing lights are triggering for these with epilepsy (and autistic individuals are extra prone to have seizures), many neurodivergent individuals are additionally triggered by flashing lights or photos. I discover that taking a look at flashing photos can begin a headache response.
  5. Yellow meals
    I had no thought this was common for a lot of autistic individuals, however I can’t abdomen most yellow meals. It doesn’t look appetising and makes me really feel disgusted. An instance of that is that I like bananas, however I hate the peel!


    It’s self-explanatory, however these are unbearably itchy and uncomfortable for many neurodivergent individuals.
  2. Socks
    I can solely put on socks with my trainers [sneakers] as I don’t like how my ft really feel after I can immediately really feel the shoe—however in any respect different occasions I might fairly my ft freeze than really feel the sensation of socks round my ankles.
  3. Itchy or uncomfortable materials
    100% polyester makes my pores and skin really feel itchy and triggers my eczema. Analysis means that pores and skin problems, together with eczema, are extra seemingly in these recognized with autism. Which means that these “tactile icks” don’t solely end in pores and skin irritation; they might set off an underlying pores and skin dysfunction.
  4. Tight garments 
    I actually hate denims. I by no means really feel comfy in them, and it bewilders me that individuals get pleasure from them. In the identical notion, many autistic individuals really feel uncomfortable in tight garments, and also you’ll typically discover me in wide-leg pants and sweatshirts. I like joggers, however I hate cuffed joggers which are tight across the ankle… it’s one other huge ick of mine.
  5. Something moist
    Moist palms, moist ft, moist socks, moist wrists, moist surfaces, moist hair, and moist meals. I hate all of it!
  6. Lengthy nails/nail polish
    As a lot as I like the look of fairly nails, I hate how nail polish sits on my nails or when it chips simply, and I hate acrylic/lengthy nails. I’ve ripped them off each time I’ve had them finished.
  7. Mud
    I’m not too keen on the sensation of mud, and I’ve to coach myself not to have a look at the mud round me. I can’t perform or concentrate on the rest after I see mud in all of the crevices.
  8. Dry pores and skin 
    I typically get quite a lot of dry pores and skin round my palms and legs as a result of I’m susceptible to eczema and never too keen on the way it appears to be like and feels. Additionally, I don’t like moisturising due to the way it initially feels (and sounds), however I like being moisturised… it’s a difficult steadiness.
  9. Crowds
    The sensation of many individuals close to me, surrounding me, being so near others that I can scent everybody’s bodily odour, not seeing a manner out. Crowds are very overwhelming for autistic individuals, because it invades a number of senses.


  1. Robust fragrance 
    I don’t perceive why individuals must drown themselves in fragrance after they go away their home; it’s overpowering and sometimes makes me nauseated!
  2. Meals with an overwhelming scent
    If a meals merchandise smells intense, I discover consuming it fairly difficult. I wrestle with the acidic smells of vinegar and ketchup.
  3. Farts
    I don’t prefer it when individuals fart round me, and I most likely overreact, however the way in which different individuals fart overwhelms the scent of the entire room—it’s nauseating!


  1. Over-fizzy/ flat soda drinks 
    There’s a candy steadiness between having a soda that’s too fizzy and one which doesn’t have the correct quantity of fizz. Flat sodas style revolting, after which drinks with an excessive amount of fizz overpower the entire style… I quickly discover myself choking on the quantity of fizz when taking a small sip. The proper Coke Zero is a unbelievable expertise, although; I are likely to expertise this with mini glass bottles fairly than cokes or litre bottles.
  2. Toothbrushing
    The minty toothpaste and the toothbrush sit in your mouth for 2 minutes. The entire expertise makes me gag profusely, and I’ve to energy via the method. The scent and feeling of soiled enamel are far worse, so I’ll all the time brush my enamel even when I hate doing so.
  3. Swallowing tablets
    Many autistic and neurodivergent individuals wrestle with swallowing tablets and like liquid remedy. I’ve a strong gag reflex, and as a lot as I must take my nutritional vitamins, I’m at my restrict after a number of tablets! I attempt to carry them in intervals fairly than abruptly, which helps.
  4. Chilly meals 
    Chilly meals is an ick for a lot of neurodivergent individuals, and that features sandwiches. My husband refuses to eat meals when it’s chilly. This implies he struggles when having lunch, and can as an alternative go hungry.

Auditory/Listening to

  1. Loud/sudden sounds
    The noise of a drill, hearth alarm, or college bell is so triggering that I really feel I can’t cope mentally. The sudden, loud noise makes me really feel scared and uncontrolled.
  2. White noise
    White noise appears to work for many individuals, however it’s unnecessarily loud and too noisy for me. I want brown and pink noise, which is significantly extra calming and will help me focus or put me to sleep.
  3. Dishes
    Placing dishes away, the sound of the plates clashing collectively, the noise of the dishes being emptied from the dishwasher. All of it simply hurts my ears!
  4. Hardcore rock music
    I do know many autistic individuals love rock music, however rock music that’s excessively loud and filled with harsh noises and devices banging collectively, and it provides me a headache.
  5. Whispers
    I don’t like whispering; it all the time annoys me, and I typically ask individuals to talk up as I wrestle to gauge what they are saying.
  6. Balloons
    The sound of balloons rubbing towards one another, anticipating when the balloon may out of the blue pop. Yeah, balloons are a particular ick.
  7. Water operating on a faucet
    If the faucet is operating downstairs, I can hear it from upstairs. I can’t concentrate on something in addition to the faucet and should stand up to show it off.
  8. Chalk on blackboard 
    Fortunately, this one doesn’t occur as typically because it used to earlier than the introduction of know-how, however as a toddler in a classroom, the squeaks of the chalk towards the blackboard could be so irritating to listen to.
  9. Chewing
    The sound of chewing could make me cringe and sometimes leaves me questioning, “Why do that you must chew so loudly?’”I don’t know why it annoys me, however I can’t hear the rest now.
A group of South Asian kids raising their arms while covered with colorful paint and powder.
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Printed by Shamiha Patel

Shamiha Patel is a author with a background in Psychology who focuses on neurodiversity. She is a featured Prime Author On Medium, based mostly within the UK. 

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